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    • Two Valley cities among top places to start a tech career, report says

    Two Valley cities among top places to start a tech career, report says

    As businesses reemerge from the pandemic, many are looking at new HQ locations or moving to hybrid work models, which means workers in the tech industry are moving around the country. A new report highlights why the Valley may be high on a lot of people’s list of places to move.

    Coding Dojo, a Washington-based coding boot camp, released its third annual ranking of the most affordable tech cities to start a coding career in the U.S. The report used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, along with data from sites like and and put Phoenix at No. 5 overall this year. Mesa was also among the leaders, coming in at No. 10.

    “What we find interesting in this report is that each year we release this report, the reasons the research is most relevant change,” said Richard Wang, Coding Dojo CEO, via email. “In its first year, it was simply the continued growth of tech hiring across the country. This year, the changing nature of the way we work and return to pre-pandemic hiring levels inspired an early update to the report.”

    Coding Dojo made the report based on population estimates, median rent and the number of entry- and mid-level development job openings within a 25-mile radius of a city. 

    According to the report, Phoenix had 730 total development jobs available, with 130 of them entry level and 366 of the mid-level. In Mesa, 696 total development jobs were available, with 120 of them entry level and 349 mid-level. Gilbert and Scottsdale were also analyzed in the report, with their total development jobs at 676 and 724, respectively.

    Phoenix’s median rent of $1,309 put the city at No. 17 overall for that category. Mesa’s median rent was $1,404, putting it at No. 22.

    “We see careers in tech as the ultimate path forward for the many workers that, either by force or choice, are looking for new jobs as the economy reopens and bounces back,” Wang said.

    Columbus, Oh. was listed as the most affordable, with a median rent of $993, and Washington, D.C. took the No.1 spot for most development jobs. In the overall ranking, Leander, Texas., a suburb of Austin was ranked No. 2. Atlanta came in at No. 3, followed by Philadelphia and Phoenix.

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