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Burgess home inspection company returns to Phoenix market after hiatus

Plano, Texas-based Burgess Construction Consultants Inc. is back in the Phoenix market.

The third-party home inspector and energy testing firm for new residence construction projects had worked in the Valley until vacating in 2008 during the drastic real estate downturn.

“We didn’t want to leave, said Michael Quaid, division vice president for the Phoenix market. “We tried as hard as we could to stay on. It was difficult for everyone.”

The company completed its last metro Phoenix inspection on Dec. 31, 2008.

“A lot of trades were just leaving the state to go to greener pastures elsewhere,” he said. “We even discounted a lot of our services to try to help ease the sting of companies going out of business.”

Burgess — which provides inspection and consulting services for single-family homes as well as multifamily properties — has operations in Texas, Colorado, Georgia and Florida.

Born and raised in Chicago, Quaid had been looking to move to Phoenix about five years ago, but instead took a job with Burgess in Texas.

“I have been talking about coming to Phoenix for a long time,” he said.

By 2019, company executives were ready to expand back out into the Phoenix market, but then the coronavirus pandemic squashed those plans.

Then in May of this year, Burgess sent Quaid to Phoenix to rekindle operations.

“The heat doesn’t bother me at all,” he said. “I’ll take the heat any day over the cold trying to work in two feet of snow.”

Plans call for expanding into the Tucson market, as well, he said.

His goal is to hire a consultant to cover the West Valley, another to cover the East Valley and one to cover Tucson and Casa Grande area to prepare for inspections expected to begin in early 2022.

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