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    Taiwan Semiconductor Suppliers Announce Plans To Come To Arizona

    Taiwan Semiconductor Suppliers Announce Plans To Come To Arizona

    Three Asian companies have reportedly announced plans to establish facilities in Arizona to supply Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.’s forthcoming plant in Phoenix.

    Taiwanese media reported that Chang Chun Petrochemical Co. Ltd., United Integrated Services Co. Ltd. and Mirle Automation Corp. each announced late last year that they intend to follow Taiwan Semiconductor (NYSE: TSM), which makes silicon chips for Apple Inc. and several other major technology companies, and expand into Arizona.

    These companies — a chemical supplier, a manufacturing facility builder and an engineering company — are among the first to release their plans to do new business with TSMC in Arizona. The Phoenix Business Journal couldn’t immediately reach the three companies and independently verify the report.

    TSMC bought over 1,000 acres of land in north Phoenix in December to build a $12 billion factory starting in 2021 and create a projected 1,900 jobs. One Arizona business leader previously said the TSMC arrival “will make Phoenix a hub for semiconductor manufacturing.”

    Chang Chun Petrochemical Co. Ltd., which is headquartered is Taipei, Taiwan, is a chemical supplier that creates resins and plastic additives. United Integrated Services Co. Ltd., which is headquartered Taipei, Taiwan, is an engineering consultant that builds out manufacturing facilities including clean-rooms and HVAC systems. Mirle Automation Corp., which is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, is an engineering company that helps set up automation processes and solar cell equipment in factories.

    While he was not familiar with the prospect of these three specific companies coming to Arizona, Steven Zylstra, the president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, said he has talked with a current TSMC supplier about the possibility of working with other suppliers as they look to set up shop in the state.

    “The wheels are starting to turn around this,” he said. “It will make us one of the nation’s hubs for semiconductor manufacturing.”

    It’s currently unclear where these three suppliers would locate in the Valley, but it seems likely they could land at any of three locations in north Phoenix that the city has designed as potential sites for suppliers of TSMC.

    Roughly 219 acres of state land, a portion of two of the designated supply sites, are set to be sold in an Arizona State Land Department auction on March 10. The two noncontiguous sites are at the southeast corner of 19th Avenue and Alameda Road, the southeast corner of Seventh Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road, and east of the southeast corner of Seventh Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road in Phoenix. The minimum bid has been set at $53.9 million.

    In total, the two sites — called “ALSD Supplier Site A” and “ASLD Supplier Site C” in city of Phoenix documents — include about 395 acres of land, the rest of which is owned by the city of Phoenix. While city documents refer to these parcels as supplier sites, they do not indicate potential buyers for the properties.

    There’s also a third supplier site — called “ASLD Supplier Site B” in city documents — at the northeast corner of Seventh Street and Happy Valley Road, but it is not included in the newly scheduled auction.

    The Arizona Commerce Authority and officials with the city of Phoenix declined to comment on the active economic development projects.

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