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    Market Videos

    September 2021: Summer Wrap-Up

    August 2021: The Forbearance Tsunami

    July 2021: The Winds of Change

    June 2021: Inventory

    May 2021: The New Normal

    April 2021: Where Did All the iBuyers Go?

    March 2021: The Housing Shortage Explained

    February 2021: The NewSilicon Valley?

    January 2021: Look Where We Are Headed!

    November 2020: Nothing like a Global Pandemic…

    October 2020: Who could have predicted?

    September 2020: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

    August 2020: California Dreaming

    July 2020: Decimated Inventory

    June 2020: Here we go again!

    May 2020: So… THAT just happened

    April 2020: The Perfect Storm for Buyers

    March 2020: Covid-19’s Effect on Phoenix Housing Market

    February 2020: Strap on your helmets, the market is about to take off!

    January 2020: How Hot Was the Market in 2019?

    November 2019: Don’t Listen to What “They” Say

    October 2019: The more things change, the more they stay the same

    September 2019 SPECIAL REPORT: What’s an iBuyer?

    August 2019: Opposite Is The New Normal

    June 2019: Best Month Ever?

    May 2019: This Doesn’t Apply To Us.

    April 2019: Why Home Prices Will Continue to Rise

    March 2019: The Market Changed Overnight/h2>

    February 2019: Balancing Act

    January 2019: How Strong Did The Year End?